• Ambili Esthetics is a home-based spa licensed with the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia, offering a wide range of professional esthetic and skin care services. Come in and relax in a clean, cosy and intimate environment. Enjoy a personal yet professional spa quality service at a conservative price. Visit and Like my Facebook page “Ambili Esthetics”
  • Ambili” (AM-bee-lee) is a South Indian poetic word for the Moon. I chose this name because, for me, the Moon is a symbol of tranquility and protection. When we were all babies, our books and lullabies often had references to the Moon, smiling and watching over us as we slept. Since the birth of my sons, I have re-discovered that sense of security and peace whenever I see the Moon, in their books or in the sky! Though it changes in shape and location, the Moon is a constant in our lives, and has a profound effect on us all. My goal is to make Ambili Esthetics exactly that for you!

    Sharleen Kalayil
    Clinical Esthetician

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