Covid-19 Updates

Reopening Date – June 8, 2020

While we are still under disruption due to Covid-19, I will be operating with the following adjustments or new policies.  I apologise for the changes that impose a less pleasant or comfortable atmosphere.   However, the priority is to protect both my health and the health of my clients, and keep our community as safe as possible.  Your patience and understanding in this trying time of new ways of business are greatly appreciated!


  • Some prices have been slightly increased to accommodate the new protocols I must follow and the price adjustments of my suppliers.
  • I will continue to operate BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. No walk-ins will be accepted.
  • There will be 15 minutes booked between each client to limit the possibility of client crossover, plus allow me time for extra sanitation of my spa.
  • I ask that any clients who are experiencing any of the symptoms below which are new, or worsened if associated with allergies or pre-existing conditions, to please contact me to reschedule your appointment AT NO CHARGE. Please try and allow a minimum of 24 hours notice of a cancellation to give me time to fill your appointment time.
  • Fever
  • Dry Cough, or worsening of a previous cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • Similarly, if you have been outside of Canada, or have been in direct contact with anyone who has been outside of Canada, or have been in direct contact with anyone who has been sick, within the last 14 days, please allow me to reschedule your appointment at no charge.

In the Spa

  • Please arrive on time, not early, for your appointment. If you find me still in my treatment room with a client, please wait outside or in your vehicle until my previous client has left.
  • Please wash your hands upon arrival. My bathroom is available for hand washing.  In addition, there is hand sanitizer throughout the spa to be used frequently.
  • Masks will be mandatory for clients to wear. Please bring your OWN CLEAN MASK if you have one.  I will have disposable masks available at a small extra cost.  Please do not wear gloves to your appointment.
  • Please come alone for your appointment. At this time, I strongly discourage bringing children to the spa, but particularly children under 2 years old and / or children who cannot wear a mask.
  • For now, I will not be providing any beverages, chocolates, or reading material. Please refrain from bringing any beverages or food, as masks will have to be removed to consume anything.

Maintaining Sanitation

  • Regular disinfection procedures will all continue. In addition, I will be sanitizing all touched surfaces, e.g. doorknobs, light switches, hand rails, spa equipment, credit card terminal (iPhone and iPad) in between each client.
  • I will wash hands before and after each client, and use a mask and gloves for every service. In addition, I will use a face shield for any services performed on the face.
  • I ask that clients refrain from using their phones during the treatment, particularly during a manicure.
  • There will be an adjustment to the amount of linens on the treatment table for services. All linens and table paper will be changed and the table will be sanitized after each client.

Thank you to all my valued clients, especially at this time.  Your support, patience, understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  This is a new way for us all, for now.  But with positivity and a healthy sense of humour, we can still enjoy this new phase.  I look forward to reconnecting with you all!

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